Monday, October 31, 2011

Song #1 of 9999 - The Garden by Mirah

Song #1 of 9999

Title: The Garden
Artist: Mirah
Year: 2002
Album: Advisory Committee

There's a lot of pressure to choose a first song, so I'm going to avoid it and simply pick a song I listened to last night that continues to be stuck in my head. It's short, which I think encourages people to listen.

The main reason I love this song is the uneven phrase lengths in the verse. She throws in a 2/4 measure at the end of the second line which is really unexpected and kind of turns everything around. In the second verse, the 2/4 bar is at the end of the 2nd and 4th lines. I love this kind of meter play in pop songs and I think it works especially well in a song with such spare instrumentation because there really aren't any other clues about meter being revealed by other instruments. I also like the blend of sounds in this songs: the drums are so harsh and clumsy, the bass is essentially just a sine wave and the fuzzy bells have almost no sustain and are out of tune. This blend of instruments make it seem like a really unstable track. Cleverly arranged and just the right length at 2:21.

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