Friday, January 20, 2012

Song #93 of 9999 - Ace of Spades by Motörhead

Song #93 of 9999

Title: Ace of Spades
Artist: Motörhead
Year: 1980
Album: Ace of Spades

I first heard "Ace of Spades" when Motörhead showed up unexpectedly in an episode of The Young Ones, an absurd British comedy that was showing on MTV sometime around 1985. It was a rare moment for me. I didn't exactly like what I was seeing/hearing, but I also didn't want to stop watching/listening, I had certainly never seen anything like this band. Lemmy Kilminster is scary with his mic positioned overhead and that gravelly voice. Remember, I was used to seeing guys with Rickenbacker basses in bands like Rush and Yes, wearing capes and singing with high-pitched voices about philiosophy and Ayn Rand. This was....a shock to my system.

I never became a big Motörhead fan but I love this song. The live energy of the recording, propelled by the drumming of Phil Taylor, is invigorating and I love the guitar work, especially the solos. I think hearing this song probably made me more interested in bands like Metallica and Megadeth than I would have been otherwise. Still an exciting track 30 years later that holds up very well to today's metal.

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