Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Song #249 of 9999 - More or Less by Frankie Big Face

Today is the last day of me writing about my own music. I will return to my normal blog on Saturday. Thank you for your indulgence!
Song #249 of 9999 

Title: More of Less
Artist: Frankie Big Face
Year: 2012
Album: Nur Ein 7

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And so I found myself in the Nur Ein final for a third time. Once again, the challenge was to "bring your 'A'-game." Which to me means a full-blown arrangement. So writing the song fast is necessary to organize the arrangement and collaborate with other musicians if necessary (in this case, a drummer). So, the title is posted on June 6 at 9:47AM and I've got three days essentially.

For two days, I struggled to find a lyrical angle for this tune. And I really didn't have a solid musical idea either. I had ideas, at least six of them judging from the recordings I found on my cell phone. But I knew none of them were really worthy of developing. And then it happens. At 12:36pm on June 8, I made a recording on my cell phone of an idea for the chorus. And at 3:34pm, I made a recording of the entire song. That's how fast something like this can come together once you have an idea and a plan. The next morning, I met with Paul (the drummer) and we laid down his parts in a couple of takes and by 9:30pm, the entire song was recorded and mixed. (I did tweak it a bit the next morning.)

Of course, you know I won since I haven't stopped talking about it for three months. But more important, I learned the correct spelling and pronunciation of "cummerbund." Nur Ein!!!!!!!


  1. Did I compare this to ELO at the time? I should have done if I didn't. Loverly.

  2. I believe you compared something else to ELO. But they all count. :)