Thursday, November 15, 2012

Song #302 of 9999 - Squeeze Box by The Who

Song #302 of 9999 

Title: Squeeze Box
Artist: The Who
Year: 1975
Album: The Who By Numbers

I'm going to make this brief tonight because a) I'm tired and b) I don't really have much to say about this song—I just like it! It's such a funny song. I'm not really a sexual innuendo kind of guy, but this Pete Townshend-penned classic that uses the slang term for an accordion as a metaphor for a woman's chest just delights me to no end. I think the reason it works and doesn't come off as completely foul or gratuitous is that it's sung from the perspective of the couple's son (or daughter, I suppose) and the woman with the squeeze box is the one initiating the, uh....performance. I love when Roger Daltrey slips into falsetto at 1:30 to personify the mom. The touches of accordion are nice (and not overly obvious) and the banjo is just fantastic. It's a terrific song, guaranteed to bring out the giddy eight-year-old in you who still gets a kick out of the word "boobs."

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