Friday, February 8, 2013

Song #331 of 9999 - Sorry by Frank & Jeff

Song #331 of 9999 

Title: Sorry
Artist: Frank & Jeff
Year: 2013
Album: Beck's Song Reader, Songs 1-10

Alas, we come to the end of our Song Reader collaboration. We close where we began, with a slice of power pop, this time peppered with a "Taxman" bass line and some nice dissonance in the vocal melody. Jeff's organ (added in "post," as they say) delivers a nice eerie quality to Beck's song of remorse and reflection.

And now you have a whole new album of Beck songs by your favorite songfighting internet musicians Frankie Big Face and ADD! Since the entire record clocks in under 27 minutes, you know you'll always have time to give it a proper spin. In fact, I recommend you "flip it over" right now and give the whole thing another go-round.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here in the very near future!

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