Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Songs #145 & 146 - It's TWOsday!

Song #145 of 9999                                                  Song #146 of 9999

Title: Waiting For My Real Life to Begin                  Title: Wherever You Are
Artist: Colin Hay                                                      Artist: Neil Finn
Year: 2001                                                               Year: 2001
Album: Going Somewhere                                      Album: One Nil


I felt a little guilty about not posting yesterday, but then I sat down tonight to review all the music that came out in 2001 and well, let's just say I think I can get this done in six days. 

But since it's now TWOsday, I have to start with two songs and since I've already spent hours listening to tons of music, I think I'm going to let the music speak for itself and skip the detailed analysis. So what's the connection between these two artists? Well, they're both from "down under," Hay from Australia and Finn from New Zealand; and they're both former front-men for very successful pop groups, Hay from Men At Work and Finn from Crowded House.

These two guys may be all-but-forgotten to most people since the demise of their respective bands, but they haven't stopped creating great music. Hay is particularly prolific, having released eleven records in the last fifteen years. Although Finn has released only a handful of solo records, they're really quite good. Hay is more of a story-teller and Finn has that beautiful voice.

So here's hoping you never heard either of these songs and you enjoyed them both. Or at least one of them. Or none but you're looking forward to tomorrow's post. That would be okay too.

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