Sunday, May 6, 2012

Song #183 of 9999 - What a Good Boy by Barenaked Ladies

Song #183 of 9999

Title: What a Good Boy
Artist: Barenaked Ladies
Year: 1992
Album: Gordon

(Sigh. I had a song all picked out for tonight and then I came once again to the frequent realization that I am a teacher and decided not to post it because of the subject matter. Very frustrating, but this is my life apparently. Soooo.....)

Hey, I am so excited to share this song by Barenaked Ladies called "What a Good Boy"! It has the word "hairshirt" in it—yeah!

I love this quote from a random YouTube user: "A band that hit a creative vein with more songs than they had any right to, but here they found an artery." That pretty much sums up my feelings about this Canadian band, who tend to get a little too cute with their songs for my tastes (see: "If I Had a Million Dollars" or just about any other song in their catalog what was a hit).

But I LOVE this song and can still remember the first time I heard it (actually, their wonderful live version—much better than the original). It was in a 1995 episode of Homicide: Life on the Street, a show that was very good at selecting music to accompany poignant scenes—their use of Faith No More's full-length song "Evidence" over an extended (and wordless) scene of a crime being committed is still one of my favorite TV moments. In this case, the song played over the end credits and, while I do not remember what the episode was about (I just looked it up—a man is found dead in a gay neighborhood in Baltimore and the victim's father, played by Lost's Terry O'Quinn struggles with the possibility his son may have been homosexual), I remember how moving the episode was and this song is responsible for that. It's really powerful in its simplicity and features a great lead vocal by (now former) frontman Steven Page.

So that's it for 1992. See you tomorrow in the future!! (Well, actually 2002, which is technically the past.)

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