Monday, May 7, 2012

Song #184 of 9999 - Never Done Nothing Like That Before by Supergrass

Song #184 of 9999

Title: Never Done Nothing Like That Before
Artist: Supergrass
Year: 2002
Album: Life On Other Planets

Welcome to 2002! First song is from the late great Oxford-based Supergrass. Not well known in the States, this Britpop band has posted hit after hit in the UK.

Their album Life on Other Planets was seen as a return to the live, somewhat unpolished, sound featured on their early records. I'm particularly found of this short and intense single which clocks in at about 160BPM and uses chromatic riffs to get all over the place harmonically in less than two minutes. Whether planned or not, the band sets the listener up for this harmonic palette right from the start with a long chromatic descent to the tonic. Other touches that remind you you're not listening to your average pop band include a piano played with a screwdriver and struck milk bottles. I love this song.

In researching this post, I learned that the band broke up in 2010 which made me sad. I saw them open for Foo Fighters in Pittsburgh a few years ago and they were spectacular.

P.S. Apparently this single version is a little different from the album version, which I prefer. It's not on YouTube though. :(

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