Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Song #516 of 9999 - Jobseeker by Sleaford Mods

Tonight, I invite Paul Costello back to the pitch while I'm away seeing Neutral Milk Hotel. Like the true British punk he is, he's gone way off the charts for this underground offering. As he said in his message to me, "I don't think you're going get it but it's words, right?" Yes! And some of them are bad so don't play this for your mum.

Song #516 of 9999

Title: Jobseeker
Artist: Sleaford Mods
Year: 2013
Album: Chubbed Up. The Singles Collection.

It's 2013 and Lester Bangs is still dead. November: I hear a song. Sounds like like that old bloke down the pub who's always had one too many. Hearing fury, resentment, wish-it-was-better-but-it-isn't resigned attitude - all good. I'm also laughing my arse off. Buy the cheeky f*cker a half to keep him going.

Been here a hundred times - only now that old drunk rascal's only gone got himself a slightly creepy-looking bloke in a tracksuit with a cracked copy of 'Logic'. Sure, they haven''t quite figured out how the software works, exactly but there's a damn good noise out coming out of it anyway. Minimal, repititious groove? Check. Foot-tapping, wriggly bass loops and grime/dubstep drum patterns? Check check. A splatter of keyboard here or there, an intentionally cheesy my-first-casio sample thrown into the mix? Check cubed.

Sleaford Mods are the sound of a hypnotic UK 2013 mantra - 'everything's shit - what you going to do about it'?

This band shouldn't work on any level but do, on every single one. Gasping, confused, struggling to get a handle on whether they're artful or just Art? Doesn't mattter. Yeah, they're full of swears; who ever thought music should be SFW? Yeah, they're more English than Viv Stanshall; who ever thought music needs to talk to *everyone*? The best thing about this band? 90% of those who hear them will shrug, murmuring "I don't get it" to themselves. That's fine. The 10% will proclaim. Who ever believed music belonged in the middle?

Here endeth the sermon. Top!

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