Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Song #520 of 9999 - The Writing's on the Wall by OK Go

Song #520 of 9999

Title: The Writing's on the Wall
Artist: OK Go
Year: 2014
Album: Hungry Ghosts

I just spent a couple of hours pouring over the albums of 2014 and I discovered a few decent songs but now I don't have any time to write about them! But since I couldn't post last night, I thought I would at least put something up tonight. I'll keep it short.

I like OK Go. I still like Ok Go. Even now, I like them. A few minutes from now, I expect I will still like them. 

I liked OK Go before they made their first Rube Goldberg-inspired video and I suspect I will like them after they've made their last. And while their videos are fascinating, if you listen really closely, you'll find that there's actually a song accompanying the images! And a pretty good one at that.

And thus ends the post. I still like OK Go. With or without the videos.


  1. Best one shot video I have seen since the Spice Girls' "Wannabee" (or maybe Hitchcock's "Rope?)

    But that song is enjoyable. Needed to close my eyes to focus on it away from the video on the second play.