Thursday, November 10, 2011

Song #12 of 9999 - Love is Like Oxygen by Sweet

Song #12 of 9999

Title: Love is Like Oxygen
Artist: Sweet
Year: 1978
Album: Level Headed

Everyone knows "Ballroom Blitz" (for good reason!) and maybe "Fox on the Run," but the song that I really love by Sweet is "Love is Like Oxygen." From the ridiculously dramatic opening to the chromatic guitar riff and the outrageously high harmony in the chorus, this song elevates glam rock to stadium rock status. And if you're lucky enough to catch the album version, clocking in at 6:48 (and featured in the linked video), you also get an intermezzo of classical-tinged prog rock that would have made Rick Wakeman proud and a funky white-boy outro that seems to have almost no connection to the song itself (it's a bonus!). A great song even in its abbreviated single version, but simply sublime in its bombastic overkill long version. Enjoy!

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