Saturday, November 19, 2011

Song #22 of 9999 - Alles Neu by Peter Fox

Song #22 of 9999

Title: Alles Neu
Artist: Peter Fox
Year: 2008
Album: Stadtaffe

When I was in Prague in August of 2008, this video was on MTV Europe every five minutes it seemed. Chris and I became a little obsessed with the song and pretty much stopped whatever we were doing to watch the video over and over. While I think the song works really fine on its own, it becomes spectacular when paired with the bizarre video featuring the Cold Steel Drumline. We can debate about whether anyone could get away with dressing up an all-black percussion ensemble in monkey suits in America (answer: no) but it makes a little more sense when you know the title of the album, Stadtaffe, means "city monkey." Political correctness aside, the video is creepy, funny, and undeniably European. I couldn't stop listening to this song for about six months but hadn't thought of it for some time. Hope you enjoyed it!

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