Saturday, November 26, 2011

Song #29 of 9999 -Oh Lately, It's So Quiet by OK Go

Song #29 of 9999

Title: Oh Lately, It's So Quiet
Artist: OK Go
Year: 2005
Album: Oh No

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I first heard OK Go when I saw them open for Fountains of Wayne in Hoboken, NJ back in 2002. This was early in their national career, way before the YouTube fame and the treadmills. They were really good: high energy, enthusiastic, proficient, and creative. Singer Damian Kulash exuded confidence and I remember thinking he seemed incredibly tall on stage. (Maybe he is? But this doesn't seem apparent in the band's videos.)

I think OK Go is doomed to be of of those bands that can only be recognized through their (very creative) videos. Which is a shame because I think they are one of the most talented bands on the pop music scene in terms of their songwriting and performing. In this track, listen to how articulate the guitar is and how it syncs with the drums. All of their songs are like this and that attention to detail creates a sparkle I really appreciate. I also like this song because it reminds me of Prince and I appreciate that the band is confident and comfortable enough to work in that direction. Finally, the lyrics to this song are quite clever and a little melancholy. It's one of those songs I wish I had written; I love the inner rhymes and alliteration. And no treadmills! This song doesn't need a gimmick.

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