Monday, December 5, 2011

Song #39 of 9999 - Sink to the Bottom by Fountains of Wayne

Song #39 of 9999

Title: Sink to the Bottom
Artist: Fountains of Wayne
Year: 1996
Album: Fountains of Wayne

Last night, I found out that the first Fountains of Wayne album and Utopia Parkway are being reissued on vinyl in February. I celebrated by promptly pre-ordering them. This is very exciting news because it ends my quest of trying to track down an original copy of the 1996 self-titled LP while simultaneously resisting the urge to order it from some guy in Japan who appears to have an endless supply for $69.99 plus shipping...from Japan.

I owned Fountains of Wayne for a long time before I ever seriously started listening to it. It wasn't until I heard an interview with them on Fresh Air and realized that they were trying the same kinds of songwriting tactics a friend of mine and I were (obviously with more success) and also that their songs were so damn clever. I went home, flipped through my CD collection and sure enough--there it was, practically untouched for at least a year. I popped it in my player and haven't been the same since. Although they have released a lot of great records over the last 15 years, I don't think any have captured the energy and spontaneity of their first, which propelled them to power pop icon status. In a perfect world, I would be featuring "Survival Car" or "Joe Rey" but alas, YouTube has only live versions of those tracks. Instead, you get the bizarre official video for "Sink to the Bottom." You could do worse.

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