Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Songs #47 & 48 of 9999 - It's TWOsday!

Songs #47 of 9999                          Song #48 of 9999

Title: Hey Ya!                                 Title: The Way You Move
Artist: Outkast                                Artist: Outkast
Year: 2003                                      Year: 2003
Album: The Love Below               Album: Speakerboxxx

It's late so I don't have a lot of time and yes, I'm picking the hits from these albums and you've heard them a thousand times before but that doesn't make them bad. The problem is this double-LP, which is really incredible from beginning to end and will leave you constantly changing your mind about which of the two is better, is really pretty raunchy and this is a bit of a family show so you get the hits. But there are SO many good songs on this experiment gone right that I highly recommend you just get yourself a copy and listen to it like it's 2003 again.

So what's the deal with this record? The members of Outkast, an insanely talented rap duo, decided to make solo albums. Big Boi made Speakerboxxx and André 3000 made The Love Below. This type of thing usually signals the beginning of the end for bands as the individuals embark on a quest for solo accolades and new musical direction. But instead of releasing the records separately, they packaged it as a double album and released under the band name. The record went on to win the Grammy for Album of the Year, each record spawned a #1 single and the band's fan base grew exponentially.

Not coincidentally, I just placed an order for it on vinyl a few days ago. :D

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