Sunday, December 18, 2011

Song #53 of 9999 - Desire Be Desire Go by Tame Impala

Song #53 of 9999

Title: Desire Be Desire Go
Artist: Tame Impala
Year: 2010
Album: Innerspeaker

While in London recently, I went into about a half-dozen record stores looking for vinyl I can't find in the United States. I didn't really find anything but I did hear this band playing in one of the joints. I thought it must be some late 60s psychedelia band that I missed; everything about it said it was old. I asked the guy behind the counter and found out it came out last year(!) and was by a band with a name that it VERY DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND WHEN SPOKEN BY AN ENGLISHMAN. Thankfully, the guy spelled it out for me: I-M-P-A-L-A. Tame Impala.

I wrote it down, figuring I'd just buy it in the States and avoid risking damage on the flight. Well, guess what--no vinyl in the US. Ordered from someone in Scotland and it arrived yesterday. After one spin, the whole album isn't blowing me away like this song did, but I think it will grow on me the way my other UK find (Atlanta-based Deerhunter) did last year. Many have commented on how much the lead singer of this Australian band sounds like Lennon, but in this track he seems to be doing his best George impression. I love everything about this song, but especially the fuzzy guitar, 6/4 time and tempo change in the chorus. The transition back to the verse after the first chorus is terrific. Here's hoping you hadn't heard this before and are sufficiently intrigued.

The video, by the way, is not official but seems to be in the spirit of the tune. Not sure about the Beatles clip at the end but it doesn't detract. Enjoy!

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