Thursday, December 22, 2011

Song #58 of 9999 - Heaven by DJ Sammy & Yanou featuring Do

Song #58 of 9999

Title: Heaven
Artist: DJ Sammy & Yanou featuring Do 
Year: 2001
Album: Heaven

When you're married and you share an iTunes account, you get to hear all kinds of music you never dreamed of (assuming your spouse is cool). My ex has very good, and quite eclectic, taste in music and I was lucky enough to be around occasionally when she was blasting stuff that was awesome, annoying, old, new, terrible, wonderful--there was a lot of it and she filled in some gaps for me. "Heaven" by DJ Sammy & Yanou featuring Do may not be the definitive proof that she has good taste, but I grew to like it and I think it is an infinitely better use of the material than the schlocky Bryan Adams original. Being completely out of the loop as far as this song is concerned, it could be that everyone has heard it to the point of being sick of it (especially my friends in the UK where it apparently spent a lot of time at the top of the pop charts), but if you have only heard it a dozen times or so, it's quite refreshing. So here's to ex-wives and being in the dark where über-popular dance music is concerned!


  1. I think women like remakes more so than men . . . To me, it seems that we are much more willing to give something like this a chance. We also welcome the sense of familiar. I don't deny that this tune has a true girls cuteness that causes most men to only tolerate while thinking "ugg . . . Chick tune" . . .

    A least that's the pattern of musical tolerance and appreciation my husband and I have established. Like you, it takes time for remakes like this to grow on him . . . I have come to think that women simply like tunes that cause our feet to dance and our voices to sing. Your post on this has caused me to add this to the tunes I want to download when Santa places that iTunes gift card in my stocking. I suspect my husband, who is kind and gives me my fair turn to play tunes I like, will not thank you for this . . . ;o)

    1. Haha. Just found this comment. I hope you're still married. ;)