Monday, August 13, 2012

Song #234 of 9999 - Hit Record by Frankie Big Face

As mentioned in my post of July 20, I'm going to write about my own music for a few weeks as a way to get some song comments together for an updated website. My goal is eventually to have a few paragraphs written for every song on my website and I figured I'd start with all the Nur Ein songs I've written over the past six years. Nur Ein is a songwriting competition in the same vein as Song Fight!, wherein a title is presented each week and participants must write and record a song using that title. The songs are posted and listeners vote for their favorites. In the case of Nur Ein, there is a judging panel that ranks the songs and participants are eliminated each week until "only one" (nur ein) remains. There are also additional challenges that must be incorporated such as "lyrics in the form of a sonnet" or "guest rapper." Nur Ein has been around for seven years and I've entered four times and won twice. NBD. :D  This is post #18.


Song #234 of 9999 

Title: Hit Record
Artist: Frankie Big Face
Year: 2009
Album: Nur Ein 4

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When I was a kid, I listened to music that was decidedly not commercial. I wasn't anti-radio, especially since just about every style was represented on the radio in the 80s, but my friends and I were definitely focused on music that was not going to be hitting the top of the charts or even the Top 40 for that matter. So it was kind of fun to write a song with the refrain "I don't want a hit record" even if I don't feel that way at all. I would love a hit record! Please buy my album! (I currently have no albums for sale.)

Hit Record is a little bit of me trying to be Elvis Costello or even Tom Petty. It's a rollicking rock and roll style I rarely employ and I think it would fit in well on the utopian FM station the song kind of suggests. The bridge is the section that either turns people off or makes them love the song (and also prevents me from playing it live, unfortunately). Let me explain. My challenge this week was "genre hop." My approach is rather gimmicky (and–confession time–uses loops I did not create) but is tied in with the lyrics so I think it works all right. I really like the lyrics, which are simple but pretty clever on the whole. A song I had kind of forgotten but was nice to revisit.

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