Thursday, August 23, 2012

Song #240 of 9999 - Patient Number Seven by Frankie Big Face

Two more weeks of writing about my own music (as mentioned in my post of July 20) and then back to my normal blog!

Song #240 of 9999 

Title: Patient Number Seven
Artist: Frankie Big Face
Year: 2011
Album: Nur Ein 6

Click here to listen!

During the recording of Patient Number Seven, my audio interfaced expired. As in kaput. Just died. Close to throwing in the towel, I dug out a USB microphone (the Blue Snowball) and a guitar interface and put together a pretty decent recording in a couple of hours even while learning this equipment I almost never use. It was a banner moment in this competition and I was rewarded with a first place finish for the week. :)

More important, I think it's a fun little song. "List songs" are generally pooh-poohed by internet songwriting snobs and this song probably falls into that category, but I enjoyed the challenge of telling this macabre story with a finite number of steps and even worked in a little twist at the end. The weekly challenge was cacophony, which afforded me the fortunate opportunity to devise a solo section consisting of tone clusters and piano strings strummed with a guitar pick (try doing that on a synthesizer!). Now to fix that guitar track in the second verse... :-\

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