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Song #235 of 9999 - Source of the Light by Frankie Big Face

Song #235 of 9999 

Title: Source of the Light
Artist: Frankie Big Face
Year: 2009
Album: Nur Ein 4

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WARNING: This track is also a bit on the "hot" side. Be careful with volume especially if wearing headphones!

It's kind of difficult to describe the genesis of a song. "Genesis" is really the wrong word because it's more like a "big bang." I know this is different for other songwriters, but for me, especially if there's a deadline, there's usually a lot of sitting around waiting. Sometimes that means strumming a guitar or noodling on a keyboard. Or, if the title is unusual, there may be some research involved. But mostly, there is waiting and frustration. But when it hits, it's exciting and it usually sets off a rapid chain of events resulting in the basic structure of a song. Then, everything slows down again and the craft takes over, with lyric-writing taking center-stage.

For Source of the Light, that moment came when I happened upon the chunky guitar riff that opens the tune. If I remember correctly, the first line and the riff happened simultaneously. I can't say for sure how all the parts fell in to place after that, but the propulsive drive of the rhythm guitar certainly suggests the rocket-ship scenario described in the song, yet another metaphor for trying to work through a difficult relationship and find your way back to the feelings that brought you together in the first place. The anthemic ending, with its "what we need is exactly what we have/what we have is exactly what we need" sentiment, suggests that the answers to our questions and problems are usually right under our noses. I enjoyed making this section of the song, sending a demo to some friends and asking them to come up with harmonies or descant backing vocals and was delighted with what came back as it was so different than anything I would have imagined. (Thanks Elaine and Roy!)

And so, once again I faced off with a talented Canadian and this time I emerged as the winner of Nur Ein!

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