Monday, August 20, 2012

Song #238 of 9999 - Blame it on Ginger by Frankie Big Face

Two more weeks of writing about my own music (as mentioned in my post of July 20) and then back to my normal blog!

Song #238 of 9999 

Title: Blame it on Ginger
Artist: Frankie Big Face
Year: 2011
Album: Nur Ein 6

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By far, the worst title/challenge combination I have dealt with came during Round Two of Nur Ein 6: write a song called Blame it on Ginger and, oh by the way, it has to be autobiographical. Either of these tasks on its own is fine, but what are the chances any one of us has had an experience with a person named Ginger or the root called ginger that warrants blame. Certainly not me. So I did the best I could, composing one of the most difficult and bitter songs I've ever written, and drudging up some of my ugliest memories in the process. I took some liberties in the same way television and movies are "based on real events" and put a disclaimer in the bridge which resulted in all kinds of scrutiny from the judges. Whatever.

The result is a pretty decent, if not a bit plodding, track. I'm happy with the florid piano performance and I think I successfully bathed my cello playing in enough reverb to make it passable. I guess I kind of based the mood and pace of the composition on Beethoven's "Moonlight" Sonata. It's a pretty dour song and you have to be in the right mood for it, but if you are, I think it works pretty well.

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