Friday, August 24, 2012

Song #241 of 9999 - Heart Shaker by Frankie Big Face

One more week of writing about my own music (as mentioned in my post of July 20) and then back to my normal blog! I think people are getting tired of this...

Song #241 of 9999 

Title: Heart Shaker
Artist: Frankie Big Face
Year: 2011
Album: Nur Ein 6

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Heart Shaker was the end of the line for me in Nur Ein 6. I kind of expected it as there are problems with this song, most notably the vocal performance and recording in the second verse. (It's one of the few things in my entire catalog that I plan to fix one day.) There's lots of clipping. The song was almost universally panned by the judges. I came in last place.

Now....I may be deluded by my own hubris but I think this is a great song. I was going for a Faith No More-covers-the-Commodores vibe or maybe a Beck-circa-Midnite Vultures thing and frankly, I think I got it just right with the exception of the the aforementioned vocal problems. The electric piano layer and wah guitar make me so happy. And when the chorus opens up with those fake strings and backing's nearly perfect. The chord progression is really complex and took me a lot of time to work out. The augmented chord that ends each verse with its rising whole-tone scale creates just the right amount of tension. Usually, when I'm away from a song for a year, I can tell if it's crap or not. This is a really good song and I'm proud of it. Except that second verse; I'm gonna fix that.

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